Supernatural Documentaries

2016-12-17 08:55:54 by JcPix451


     I will tell you how I made that Sky Wars Roaming Animation. With Mine-imator. Mine-imator is a free animation software that animates only minecraft animations. You can find it by simple just searching Mine-imator.


Supernatural Documentaries

     Using Mine-imator, I will create 20 minute episodes of a series I am making called Supernatural Documentaries. About how a player defeats Herobrine, the 58th of the Documented Gods. There will be season 2 where they face another, but I'll have a quick thinking about it.


Good Day!

Just what it sounds like...

Movie cancelled

2016-06-04 00:53:16 by JcPix451

Just what it sounds like...

Voice Acting at MAK!

2016-05-25 06:24:38 by JcPix451

Jacob is creating a movie but needed help with voices! That is why his two friends, Mikayla and Danny, joined with him to voice act characters for his Minecraft Movie! By the end of 2016 or 2017, you should go check it out!